M18 Meeting in Berlin, Germany

The MOST-H2 team recently concluded its highly anticipated M18 project meeting, marking a pivotal moment in the journey towards groundbreaking advancements. Over the course of two days (16-17 January 2024), team members immersed themselves in evaluating recent achievements, fostering collaborative discussions, and charting the course for the project’s future.

Set against the enchanting backdrop of snow-covered Berlin, the gathering provided the perfect atmosphere for productive deliberations. Attendees were delighted to engage – online and offline – with the project officer from the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) and project reviewer, facilitating crucial dialogue and sharing captivating insights that will shape the trajectory of the MOST-H2 project.

The success of the meeting was not only a testament to the dedication of each team member but also highlighted the strength of collaboration within the consortium. A special commendation goes to GreenDelta GmbH, the gracious host of the event. Their meticulous orchestration ensured a delightful and conducive environment for the team to connect, discuss, and plan. The vibrant energy of the meeting set the tone for the road ahead, fostering a sense of enthusiasm and anticipation among the participants.

The next meeting is planned to take place in summer 2024 in Alicante, Spain.